Welcome to Jerri’s Custom Cakery,

the birthplace of Frost Bite!

Jerri started out just making sure all the kids had a cake…

Then she had to make sure the rest of the family had cake too. Then good friends. Then some co-workers, more friends, acquaintances, until it finally snowballed to the point where it seemed like anyone that needed a cake was getting one from her.

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After the flavors had all been tried and tested, it was time to get creative with those cakes. What to do with a background in art? Get professionally educated as a Pastry Chef & Cake Artist!

This makes every cake deliciously unique. Your cake is your dessert AND your centerpiece for any occasion. You will amaze your guests with edible artwork!

So Many Flavors!

From buttermilk batters and red velvet to vegan chocolate cupcakes, luxurious fillings of fresh fruit to espresso cream or even chili chocolate. Pick your favorite or try something new. Special dietary needs can be accommodated upon request for most allergies.

It should taste as good as it looks! We want your mouth to remember our cakes as well as your eyes, so we make every cake from scratch, customized to your order. Golden vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries, death by chocolate filled with a whipped ganache, and espresso cake enrobed in cinnamon buttercream are just a few of the possibilities. So dieters beware! Have a tiny slice if you must but know that you will enjoy every last scrumptious morsel, and you might not get a chance at seconds!

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